FREE 30 Smoothies Recipe Book

FREE 30 Smoothies Recipe Book

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The 30 smoothies recipe book was designed specifically to give you a resource when it comes to healthy eating.  Instead of grabbing an unhealthy snack or settling for an unhealthy breakfast on the go, try one of these delicious smoothies! 


 - Smoothie for each day of the month 
 - Awesome healthy snack option  
 - Designed to help develop healthy habits 
 - Immediate digital download  
 - Works on all personal devices 


 - FREE Shipping 
 - Highest Quality Ingredients 
 - Non-GMO 
 - Made in the USA
 - 90 Day Money Back Guarantee 


Just follow the recipe instructions per smoothie and enjoy a delicious snack or meal replacement smoothie!  NOTE: Boost the nutrients in these recipes with our Greens & Reds daily drink mix!

Why Trust Nutretics?

Nutretics uses better ingredients, backed by science, to achieve stronger end results for our customers. We've built a team of nutrition experts, medical researchers and pharmacists to bring you formulas comprised of heavily researched nutrients that are proven to perform.

We source the highest quality raw materials, put them through extensive testing and then blend them in an FDA/CGMP approved, state of the art facility right here in the United States.

When formulating our products, we rely on the brightest minds to deliver a blend that features synergistic nutrients chosen to accomplish very specific health goals. Gone are the days of randomly throwing average nutrients into a capsule and calling it a reliable health supplement. Because we strive for greatness, we often times stand on the shoulders of giants to achieve our goals. During formulation, we rely on supplement industry specialists with decades of experience to ensure the highest quality, most effective product possible are produced.

Science-Based Supplements

The ugly truth about the supplement industry is the lack of focus on end results. Other companies are more focused on sales and competition than they are on getting great results for their customers. This oversight in quality doesn't benefit you, the consumer, in any way. It actually raises costs for you while lowering quality which just doesn't work for us.

Here at Nutretics, we focus on creating effective formulas that were driven by science and backed by the highest quality ingredients possible. This combination of science and quality ensures that you, the consumer, get a product that will provide you with the results you need in a timely manner

Education & Mindset First

One of the biggest problems in the natural health support market is lack of customer awareness. Doctors and big pharmaceutical companies are often working together with a focus on big profits instead of educating consumers on real natural health options that work. Another vastly overlooked aspect to achieving a healthier life, is proper diet and exercise.

We know you've heard this before but we feel like it needs to said again and again. Without proper nutrition from food and daily exercise, your body will deteriorate and become diseased. It's basic biology and science that gets overlooked every single day. Here at Nutretics we believe in education combined with high quality supplementation to provide our customers with the best results possible. There is no magic pill when it comes to your health. You must attack healthy living from every angle if you want to achieve your goals and we want to help you do exactly that.